Has your subscription box service taken off? Lets figure out how to scale it up.

Inventory management and distribution can be a big and expensive challenge for a subscription company looking to grow. We are here to make that process simple and cost effective.

The Subscription Box Fulfillment Program from HJS will save you time and money on your shipping, packaging, and kitting while removing the daily headaches of managing logistics.

HJS offers the following Subscription Boxing Services

  • Inventory Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Kitting and light assembly
  • Order Fulfillment & Same-Day Distribution
  • Custom Packaging

HJS can reduce your out-bound shipping costs and provide fast service to your customers throughout the US through our strategically located distribution centers.

  • Milwaukee, WI
  • Pottsville, PA
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Birmingham, AL

HJS’ Subscription Box Fulfillment takes the complexity out of logistics, so you can get back to running your company.

What We Have Done

HJS has kitted and shipped over 250,000 packages in the last year alone.

HJS has unrivaled experience and an expert team in place to scale your subscription business while cutting your costs through efficiency and knowledge.