HJS assembles and packages small mechanical parts, electrical components, rubber products or packaged liquids in an endless variety of retail display or service kits.

From auto-bagging and boxing, to blister packs and clamshells, HJS can design and package the right kit for your needs.

Tune-up, oil change and audio repair are some of the kits we develop for companies every day. Each kit contains multiple components, giving the customer everything they need to complete a task.

Whatever your product offering is, HJS will help you:

  • Sell more of your products
  • Provide more value to your customers
  • Handle of all the logistics

From sourcing, stocking the components and developing custom packaging, to assembling the kits, maintaining inventory and fulfilling customer orders, we make the process simple for you while bringing value to your customers. You simply focus on keeping the demand for the products growing.

Contact HJS to learn more about how we can create custom kitting for your products.