At HJS, our team has more than 60 years of collective experience helping companies with new product development.

From quality raw materials to custom packaging, finding the right components for your product can be time consuming and costly, but not when you partner with HJS. Our complex network of vendors and resources enable us to bring a wide range of products to market.

We don’t simply consult or conceptualize. HJS wants you to be as successful as possible. Our product development process covers the entire product strategy:

  • Understanding your product goals
  • Generating ideas
  • Procuring materials
  • Managing inventory
  • Distributing globally

What We Have Done


A Fortune 500 vehicle manufacturer routinely experienced gear train failures in their 5-speed manual transmissions. In an effort to determine the cause of the failures, HJS lubrication engineers conducted a failure analysis protocol, which identified a noticeable breakdown in transmission fluid viscosity over time. Ultimately, this breakdown created intermittent metal-to-metal contact under high loads, which in turn caused the transmission gears to spall over time. To remedy this fluid viscosity issue, HJS formulated a high performance transmission fluid based on shear-stable polymer technology, which kept the gears more consistently lubricated.


A high volume contract machining company previously faced a waste disposal issue caused by the solvent-based metal cleaners they used to wash and degrease machine parts. In addition to the adverse environmental implications involved with their disposal, these products also created health and safety concerns for the workers applying the cleaners. In response to these issues, the metal cleaning experts at HJS developed a water-based formula derived from micro-emulsion technology. The resulting new product provided a cleaning/degreasing performance equal to that of the solvent-based products, but without the disposal or safety concerns. As an added bonus, the new product’s unique corrosion inhibitors effectively protect metal parts after cleaning.


A distributor of competition water skis needed a convenient fix for a sticky problem. While competition skiers require an extremely tight fitting boots to prevent losing a ski during tough, acrobatic movements, they also have the need for an accessible means of sliding their feet into the boots without excessive adjustments. To meet this challenge, HJS developed a specialty boot lubricant that allows the skier to easily slip into the tightest boot setting without wear and tear on the binding. More importantly, this unique product dissolves instantly when the skier enters the water, providing a firm, safe fit for tough competition. To improve the application process, HJS also developed a convenient spray bottle applicator with attractive retail packaging to create added value for our customer.

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