HJS handles warranty fulfillment for companies so they can stay focused on creating and delivering the best products possible.

We not only physically manage the returns process, we help companies understand the reasons for warranty returns and help identify opportunities for product improvement.

Our process is simple:

  1. Receive: Returns come to our warehouse so you don’t have to reship them.
  2. Inspect: We identify the issue and determine if it was caused by the manufacturer or another process.
  3. Categorize: We organize the returns to make repair or disposal efficient.
  4. Correct: We ship your customer a new, undamaged product.
  5. Report: We share data with you on the returns, identifying what the main issues with the product are and how they might be fixed.

Contact us to discuss how we can take care of your returns processing and reverse logistics. We can offer a reliable solution to help streamline the process for both you and your customers.