How much of your company’s capital is tied up in inventory? How much time and money are you spending on internal inventory systems?

Our Inventory Ownership Program can free up vital cash and physical space at your facility. By not owning finished goods or raw materials, additional capital becomes available for the more important areas of your business.

With our Inventory Ownership Program, HJS will purchase and assume ownership of components, raw materials, packaging materials and finished goods until the time of shipment to your customer. We can work directly with your existing vendors or source new vendors if needed. We order and ship all components directly to our facility and then prepare your finished product for shipment. The bottom line is that you reduce inventory cost, free up valuable space and focus on growing your business.

This program is exclusive to select accounts. Contact us to discuss your needs and determine if our Inventory Ownership Program will work for you.

What We Have Done


A machinery manufacturer was exploring opportunities to free up capital for a potential future expansion. This particular manufacturer was already an HJS customer, contracting regional distribution for their service parts and accessories purchased from outside vendors. Aware of their desire to expand their business, our analysts evaluated their existing service subscriptions and proposed the HJS Inventory Ownership Program. HJS now serves as the tier-1 supplier of their service parts and accessories, providing an even more robust offering of services including forecasting, purchasing, inventory-management, order processing and direct-ship distribution. The manufacturer is now invoiced for the cost of their merchandise only at the time of shipping to customers or dealers. The institution of this innovative Inventory Ownership Program was instrumental in making over seven million dollars of capital available for the desired expansion.