Now that your supply chain is optimized, its time to increase your sales pipeline.

You’ve worked hard to create great products and optimize your supply chain, now let us work hard to generate more sales.

With our Demand Generation Program, HJS will partner with you to create a digital marketing strategy to fill your sales pipeline and grow your business. Whether you sell to directly to consumers or to other businesses it has never been more important to have a digital marketing strategy.

  • 70% of Americans shop online monthly.
  • 89% of in-store consumers conducted online research prior to purchase.
  • 90% of B2B researchers use the internet in their research process.

Will they find you?

By using Search Engine Marketing, Retargeting and Social Media advertising, HJS’s Demand Generation program will get you found and then keep you in front of potential customers online.

  • Search Engine Marketing: The #1 way people find what they are looking for in today’s digital world is using search engines like Google and Bing. Search Engine Marketing allows you to place targeted ads in those search engine results, so your potential customers will find you in their moment of need.
  • Retargeting: It can take 6+ marketing touch points to make a sale. Retargeting allows you to continue to show ads across the web to existing customers and potential customers who have already visited your website. This keeps your most qualified potential future buyers engaged with your brand and coming back to you when they’re ready to purchase.
  • Social Media Advertising: In today’s world we share both our personal and professional lives with others through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This has made these platforms gold mines for businesses who can target ads to users based on everything from demographics to purchase history.

The combination of HJS’ strong tradition for demand fulfillment and a modern understanding of how to create demand online, we help our customers from end to end of the buying cycle.

This program is exclusive to select accounts. Contact us to discuss your needs and determine if our Demand Generation Program will work for you.

What We Have Done

The HJS Demand Generation Team has managed over $50 million in digital ad spend.

At HJS we have built a team of expert digital marketers to match our fulfillment experts. With over $50 million in ad spend managed across the team we have experience running digital campaigns for both B2C and B2B businesses that have created product demand across the world.