Warehousing Mistakes to Avoid

Every warehouse is different, but there are common principles that separate optimized warehouses from the rest.  Properly maintained warehousing keeps logistics costs as low as possible and customers happy. Here are a few of the most common issues to review first.

What are the most common Warehousing Mistakes?


Storing too Much Excess Inventory 

Despite years of knowledge

  • dissemination in the warehousing field
  • encouraging lean practice
  • inventory reduction

Supply Chain organizations commonly repeat the mistake of simply trying to house more inventory than they should. Make arrangement with your suppliers to break large orders into smaller more manageable pieces.

Messy Warehouse

  • Dirty loading docks
  • Wrap materials not thrown away

It sounds simple, but not keeping your warehouse clean and organized is an easy problem to have unless it is focused on. Make cleaning and organizing part your process at the end of shifts to avoid issues.

Employee Development

Employee development in a warehouse may sound like a unnecessary cost, but regular training to improve process both keeps your warehouse running optimally as well as helps retain employees as they develop more skills.

Pick Path Strategy

Not having an efficient strategy and plan for pick paths drops your pick rate efficiency significantly.

This effects everything from your logistics efficiency to labor costs to customer satisfaction.

Take the time to optimize a pick route strategy and continually review this to make sure you are reaching peak efficiency.